Winter Packing List

This winter packing list will keep you warm on your next adventure. You wont suffer from frostbite whilst enjoying the sights and smells of a Christmas market.

Mulled wine Waming mulled wine is a great winter drink.

Winter can be a magical time to travel. There are often less tourists around and in December you can find a cheerful holiday atmosphere. Make sure you are prepared for the cold weather to stay warm and have more fun!

When planning what to pack, do some research on the weather conditions of your destination. A winter vacation in Thailand is quite different to skiing in the Switzerland Alps. We have focused our winter vacation packing list on cold climates.

There are many things we enjoy about travelling in winter:

  • I love having tourist attractions all to myself!
  • The Christmas markets in Europe sparkle in the snow!
  • Drinking hot chocolate and mulled wine!

Our Winter Warming Tips

Alex in the snow Brr...winter can be COLD!
These winter warming tips have kept the team warm in the Artic circle, climbing mountains in the Himalayas and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

  • Wear layers! Read how to wear layers properly on our best winter clothing page.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors in extremely cold weather. Once you lose your body heat, it can take a lot of time to warm back up again.
  • Use a waterproof, windproof outer shell to protect yourself.
  • Leave no skin uncovered
  • Tuck your clothes in. It might look daggy, but it will keep you warm.

    Winter Clothing Checklist - Accessories

    Snowman You have to be well dressed to hug this guy!
    Some winter accessories are made to look good. Make sure you look good, but also stay warm. Use a bit of colour in your accessories to hide the fact that you have worn the same down jacket for the past month!

    • Scarf / Neck protector
    • Gloves / Mittens
    • Beanie / Ear warmers
    • Thick woollen socks
    • Water proof shoes

    Dressing your upper body

    Keeping your upper body warm is more important than keeping your lower body warm. Dressing in layers is important to keeping in your warmth and keeping the cold winds out.

    • Thermal base layer
    • Mid layer
    • Outer layer
    • Water proof or wind proof shell if required

    Always make sure you have two or three base layers in your winter packing list. This layer is closest to your skin, and may start to smell!

    Dressing your lower body

    Well-dressed for snow Gemma is perfectly dressed for a snowfight!
    Some people find dressing their lower body harder, as there as less options to choose from.
    • Thermal pants base layer
    • Mid layer/outer layer
    • Water proof or wind proof shell if required

    Tip: Although jeans are a fashion statement they by no means keep you warm! In fact the fabric of jeans does quite the opposite and becomes very cold. If you must wear jeans in winter try pairing them with a good quality thermal base layer.

    Winter Sight-Seeing Accessory Checklist

    • Lip gloss
    • Ready for anything! With the right winter clothing, you're ready for anything!
    • Waterproof pouch
    • Backpack
    • Camera, with spare batteries and memory cards
    • Water bottle
    • Hand warmers
    • Sunglasses
    • Spare change to buy something warm to drink

    We recommend that you also pack lots of yummy high energy food for the day to save you money and make sure you have lots of energy!

    Now that you have your winter packing list, make sure you know how to wear layers properly with our best winter clothing tips.

    If you are planning a ski or snowboarding vacation, our ski trip packing list will get you on the slopes with nothing left behind.

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