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Not sure if you need a visa? Don't know the best way to apply for one? Here you can find information, advice and the answers to all of your questions.

Visas are documents that give permission for a traveller to enter, exit, and stay in a country for a specific period of time. Not all countries require them. Whether or not you require one depends on which country you are a national of, and which country you are travelling to.

When we planned to backpack through China, it took 8 weeks for our visas to be approved and returned to us. Lucky we planned ahead.

Passport and Visa Services

Of course, it's not always easy to get travel documents. Depending on where you're going and which country you're from, the process can be very easy or extremely complicated! Various services exist to help process your applications faster and with a higher chance of success. Find out more here!


Applying can be simple or very complicated depending on where you're from and which country you're going to. Click here to find out exactly what the best steps are to take when you're doing your application.


To apply, sometimes all you need is your passport; at other times you will need a lot of different documents! Find out here what the requirements can be for applying for different types of travel documents.


A few countries have embraced modern technology and now allow you to apply online. Click here to find out which countries provide this service and what you need to do to apply.

We flew from India to Nepal and didn't need to pre-plan our travel documents.

Visa Types

Travel / Tourist

Heading overseas for a holiday? Then you may need one of these! A travel or tourist visa is the name for the type of travel document that you may need when you visit another country for a holiday or as a tourist. Find out if you need this and more here!


A visitor is another name for a tourist. Find out here which countries you need a these type of travel documents for!


Are you interested in studying as well as travelling? Find out if you need student travel documents to do this and how to apply for one.

Working Holiday

If you're interested in combining your travel with some part or full time work, then this is the type for you.


Have you found work abroad, or are you looking for work in a foreign country? If so, you'll need a work permit. Find out more details about applying for and getting sponsorship for this type.


Do you want to leave your country permanently? If so, you will need to get immigration documents. This can be a long a difficult process - click here for the basics what you will need if you want to immigrate.

The iconic Great Wall of China

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