Vacuum Packing Bags for Travelling

Vacuum packing bags are for those travellers who love being organised when they travel, or for those who just want to get that extra bit of space when packing. Although some travellers may not like the added effort and fuss of packing using vacuum bags, they do have many advantages.

What Are They?

A vacuum packing bag is basically a strong plastic bag that you remove the air from to make your things take up less space. They will only work well if the items you are packing are not rigid and contain air that can be squeezed out. The best thing to use them on is your clothes.

The most practical type of vacuum packing bag does not require any device to remove the air. The air is removed by sealing the bag and then compressing it, usually by rolling. These are very easy to use, and have many advantages.

Advantages of Vacuum Packing Bags

Space Savers

    Vacuum bags can save you a lot of space, especially on cabin luggage where there are restrictions on the size of your carry-on luggage.

    Tip: Thinking of bringing home fashionable clothes from Europe, or some exotic textiles from the Middle East? Keep a vacuum bag handy for the return flight. Vacuum bags can really help in reducing the size of the things you bring back home with you, and helps to keep them safe and clean too!


    Using vacuum bags can make you a much more organised traveller. Travellers often use these to separate clean clothes from dirty ones, or to keep a nice suit or dress out of the way at the bottom of their luggage until it's needed.


    Another big advantage of vacuum bags is that they are waterproof. Make sure nothing gets damaged if your luggage accidentally gets wet by storing you things in vacuum bags.


    If you're travelling to the USA, there's a good chance your bags will be opened and checked by US customs officials (make sure you have a TSA lock if you are travelling to the USA). If you don't really like the idea of a stranger going through your personal belongings, pack your clothes in vacuum bags. This makes it much easier for the customs official to see what's in your bag without having to touch all your things.

Dis-advantages of Vacuum Packing Bags

When using space saving bags there are a few things to think of that could ruin your holiday.
  1. If you are an over-packer, space saving bags will let you pack more, but this means you may be over your weight limit.
  2. Pack an extra vacuum bag, because if one breaks you may not be able to fit your belongings back into your luggage.

We hope that this advice helps you to choose whether you want to use vacuum bags on your trip. To create more space while your packing, check out our packing checklists to help you decide what you really need to take!

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