TSA locks - What are they and
Why do you need one?

What Are TSA Locks?

TSA locks are locks that can be opened by a customs official without damaging the lock or your luggage. It is essential that you have one of these when you travel to the USA or UK as customs officials may want to physically inspect your bag.

If you do not have a TSA luggage lock, the customs official will break your lock or luggage to inspect your bags!

This specialised lock can be either a keyed padlock or a combinations lock. They are equally as secure as either type. For more details about these kinds of locks, checkout our padlocks or our combination lock pages.

How Does It Work?

This type of lock was developed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the USA after September 11, 2001. It became very important that customs officials be able to open people's private luggage in order to check for any dangers.

A TSA luggage lock are made to be opened by a universal key that only customs officers have access to. This allows customs officers to open the lock without having to to damage your lock or your bag.

The UK has also implemented the same policy as the USA. While baggage checks in the UK are much less frequent than in the US, a TSA luggage lock will still prevent damage to your bag if it is opened in the UK by a customs official.

Where Can I Get One?

Most travel shops will stock TSA luggage locks. You can also find them for sale online.

Cost: $10-25

Note: Check out our tips on vacuum packing bags to learn how they can help keep your luggage private, even if your bag is opened by a customs official!

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