Travel Wallet - Different Types and How You Can Use Them

This page actually covers three types of travel wallets:

  • A large wallet designed to hold all your travel documents (your passport, air tickets, passport photos etc.)
  • A slim money wallet designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive
  • A wallet designed to go under your clothing, similar to a money belt.

Travel Document Wallet

This type of wallet is designed to hold and protect all your travel documents. Why is it useful? A travel wallet is great because it keeps all your travel documents together, safely, in one place.

This means that you will stay organised, and you don't have any risk of loosing your important documents. It will also help prevent damage to your travel documents (although we recommend you should still have a passport wallet to be absolutely sure that nothing can happen to your passport.

Things you should put in your travel wallet:

  • Your passport
  • Your travel tickets
  • Copies of your accommodation reservations
  • Some spare passport photos
  • Some spare cash (in case anything happens to your wallet)

Travel wallets are available in travel stores or online.

Cost: $15-60 (leather is more expensive)

Travel Money Wallet

This type of wallet a slim wallet designed to go comfortably in your front pocket. Having a slim wallet means you can put it unobtrusively in your front pocket. They are shaped similar to a front pocket (i.e. not square) in order to fit in your pocket perfectly.

Tip: Keeping your wallet in your from pocket deters thieves! It is much easier for your wallet to be stolen from your back pocket than your front. Read our travel safety tips for more advice on avoiding thieves.

"While guiding in Tunisia, several of my passengers were bumped by locals as they were getting on a tram. To their shock, they noticed moments later that their wallets had been stolen in seconds. Pickpockets can be extremely deft at removing your wallet - be sure to keep it safe and don't carry too much cash in it." - Brad

Travel Money Wallets are available in travel stores or online.

Cost: $20-45 (leather is more expensive)

Travel Security Wallet

This is a type of wallet that loops through your belt and actually sits inside your pants, completely hidden from view, similar to a travel money belt. If it is absolutely necessary to travel with a lot of cash on your person, this type of wallet is perfect for keeping that money safe. Not many thieves are aware of this kind of wallet, and it is both comfortable and unobtrusive.

While travelling in Iran, I had to carry several thousand dollars on my person as ATMs in Iran do not support western cards. I used this kind of wallet and felt completely safe as it was totally hidden from view." - Brad

A few travel stores stock this type of wallet, however, it is not common. It is available online.

Cost: $15-25

We hope this information will help to make your trip safer and more secure. Make sure you checkout our other Security Accessories and Travel Accessories.

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