A Travel Towel is for Everyone!

A travel towel is an essential travel accessory for just about everyone! Did you know that towels are not always supplied with your accommodation? In fact you may have to pay extra to hire a towel when staying at a hostel.

What Is A Travel Towel?

A travel towel is small towel that is quite light and dries quickly. They come in different sizes and fabrics (and of course a range of cool colours) to suit different travel needs. They are generally made of an ultralight, quick-dry microfibre material. They are designed be super absorbent, but not take up much space.

Some pocket towels do dry better than others. We recommend the chamois style of fabric. We have tried many different types and styles and found this style is more absorbent, is faster to dry and also be odour resistant.

Most pocket towels come with a handy pouch also. It will fold or roll away into next-to-nothing inside its pouch or holder. Also an average pocket towel will weigh around 120g.

What Size Towels Can You Get?

Normally you can buy pocket towels in four different sizes. Make sure you get the right size for your vacation.

Small: 30cm x 60cm
Medium: 40cm x 80cm
Large: 50cm x 100cm
Extra Large: 60 x 100cm

When To Use Your Pocket Towel

A towel is great for the shower, the beach, wet weather, camping and much, much more! We have used ours backpacking in Europe, camping in Africa and also hiking in the Himalayas.

If you are planning on travelling light, then a pocket towel is for you!

Where Can I Buy a Great Towel?

You can buy this handy travel accessory from most outdoor stores or camping shops. The bigger the towel, the more expensive it will be. But expect to pay around $20-25 for a medium sized, good quality towel.

Tip: Get a different colour for each member of the family!

We hope that you choose the right towel for your vacation. We also recommend these essential travel products - Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Neck Support Pillows or International Power Adapters.

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