Travel Tour Groups - The Easy Way

Are you thinking about booking a group tour? Travel tour groups certainly make planning a holiday easy! All you have to do is choose which trip you like and where you want to go! 

A tour will organise everything for you once you arrive. You can even organise airport transfers! 

When considering a group tour think about the different types of tours which are available an what would suit you. Consider your budget, time frame and what you would like to see and do (of course)! 

Small Group Tours

A small group tour should have less then 20 people- but could be even smaller. Gecko's and Intrepid are two popular small group tour companies and they limit their number to 12 people, which is perfect! 

Small travel tour groups have many advantages and many more benefits. They have less people so it is easier to form strong friendships. They are able to cater to more specific interests. There are small group tours for families, foodies, wine lovers, women, seniors, walking, adventures - there really is something for everyone. 

Small tours will often allow you to have a greater cultural experience. A small group can use local transport and do things like eat in local restaurants. 

Small tours may offer different types of group travel for different budgets as well. Some companies even offer the same tour but for different budgets, so the same itinerary but will cheaper meals and accommodation. 

There is such a variety of small group tours that it is very important to gather as much information as you can. make sure you find out what is included in the price and what the expected additional costs will be. Some tours require a local payment. A local payment is cash which you give to your tour leader when you arrive. The cash is often required in local currency or US dollars. This is a legitimate practice which allows your tour leader to pay for local services with cash.


Be prepared to get to know everyone on your tour very well, as you experience all the brilliance of travel.

Just remember that although there is a certain expectation that your tour leader will be a god and will know the answer to all your questions. Most tour leaders are extremely over worked and underpaid! It can be a 24/7 job with minimum wage! Be nice to your guide! 

Large Group Tours

Large group tours can be loads of fun! There are plenty of people to meet and always someone to have a beer with at the bar! 

Large travel tour groups tend to be an all in one deal. It can include transport, accommodation, activities and most meals. They can either stay in large hostels or hotels, which have the facilities to cater to such a large group. A large group tour generally has over 20 people. 

There are many types of large group tours, so be sure to read all about the tour and the tour company to make sure it is right for you. Contiki, for example, is for under 30's while Peregrine tours are designed for seniors. 


 Large group tours or in fact any type of tour can be exhausting so consider booking a few days to relax before coming home. 

Why Choose To Travel In A Tour Group Rather Than Travelling Independently?


  • A tour saves you time but rarely saves you money
  • You can see a lot more in a short period of time when you are on a tour
  • It takes (most of) the surprise element out of travel - if something does go wrong it is your tour leaders job to fix it!
  • If you are travelling on your own it is a great way to meet new people
  • The costs of you vacation are clearer


  • You may find you have limited time to explore and experience places of interest due to the strict tour schedule
  • You may not like your group or your leader
  • You may find you paid too much money
  • You can't change your travel plans and just go with the flow
  • The fast paced itinerary of your travel group tour can be exhausting

We hope this advice helps you choose the right travel tour group for you. We also have great information and advice on backpacking or flashpacking. Or you may be ready to start packing - if you are read our advice on Travel Packing Tips and Travel Packing Checklists

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