A Travel Sheet Made Easy!

A travel sheet is basically a double sheet that has been folded in half and sown together to form a sack. You might also know a travel sheet as a sleep sheet, a sleeping bag liner or a sleep sack.

Many hostels will require that you to have your own linen or a sleep sheet. If you don't have one you can either make one, buy one or waste your money renting one from the hostel. Face it, who really wants to sleep in linen other people have already used a hundred times, when you could just use your own sleep sheet.

When you make a travel sheet, it can also act as a sleeping bag liner. This will mean that your sleeping bag stays clean. To read more tips and tricks about sleep sheets click here.

Easy To Follow Steps To Make A Travel Sheet

A sleep sheet is easy to make, even if you are not good at using the sewing machine.

Step One: Pick out a double bed size sheet and choose a colour that you like. If you like the finer things in life, pick a sheet with a higher thread count.

Step Two: Lay your bed sheet out onto the floor.

Step Three: Fold it in half.

Step Four: Decide on your length. Lay on the floor on top of your sheet. Mark a line on your sleep sheet where you want the sheet to come to. Cut along this line to shorten you sheet.

Step Five: Pick out a similar coloured cotton as your new sleeping bag liner.

Step Six: Using a sewing machine, sew together you new sleep sack. Use the newly cut edge as the bottom of your sleep sack. Start at the bottom corner of your bed sheet and sew along the bottom and all the way to the top of the open side.

Step Seven: Enjoy! Please use in dorm rooms to avoid any potential bed bugs!

Easy To Follow Steps To Make A Sleep Sack With A Pillow Pouch

Step One: Follow the first three steps from above.

Step Two: This time when you decide on your length, only cut one half of your bed sheet.

Step Three: This time when you sew together your sheet, keep sewing to the top. This will create a pouch at the top your sleep sheet where you can place a pillow. You can also place a few valuables in here while you sleep.

Step Four: Enjoy anywhere, any time!

Tip: If you have sleeping bags that can zip together to form a 'double' sleeping bag, you can also make a 'double' sleeping bag liner. Follow the steps above, but instead of folding in half a double sheet, sew together two double sheets.

A travel sheet will help you sleep in any dorm room and keep your sleeping bag clean. Other handy travel accessories that will make your backpacking or camping experience easier are a travel towel, travel pillow, or travel clothesline.

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