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Getting to know and understand travel safety before you go on your next trip will give you confidence and peace of mind. Make sure you have an understanding of common scams and the tricks to avoid pickpockets. 

Being clever and thinking ahead can be the most important things to stay safe while you travel. 

We have traveled overseas every year since we were 18, and we always plan ahead - sometimes too much. Our friends call us over cautious, but this has led to only minor hiccups in all our travels.

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Some may call this luck, I call this being prepared, smart travel and packing light

Read below to find out how...

Avoid Travel Scams

Find out how to know if you are being scammed. With some simple tricks you can avoid even the most clever travel scams and travel safely. We have put together a scam list of some of the best scams that con-artists have tried on us. Scams are easy to recognise and easy to avoid when you're travel prepared. Don't fall victim to these clever criminals and travel safely. 

Spot Pickpocketers

Ask any traveller and they probably have a pickpocket story to tell. These sneaky and sometimes organised thieves love to steal from innocent travellers. 

Learn How To Haggle

Lets face it, bargaining is a skill. Some have it, some don't. And if you don't, shop owners will see you coming a mile away! Learn all our tricks on how to haggle and avoid being ripped off.

A leather bag salesman in Florence once told my husband "You are very lucky, she will save you lots of money!" - Alex. 

Travel Tips For Women

All women should have the confidence to enjoy travel. Unfortunately single women travellers have some extra considerations when thinking about their travel safely. With our tips you will find yourself feeling confident and ready to travel in no time. 

Learn How To Deal With Beggars

A confronting issue when you travel can be beggars. You will find them anywhere you find tourists. Knowing what to expect and how to behave will ensure your safety and avoid discomfort. Find out the pros and cons of giving to beggars and the best ways to deal with this difficult issue.

Make sure you consider your travel safety when booking your next destination. Get more tips and advice on our travel health and travel security accessories pages.

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