The Best Travel Packing Tips

So That You Can Pack More Into Your Holiday

Our travel packing tips will help you avoid some common packing mistakes that could ruin your holiday! We have the advice on 'how to pack a suitcase' to the very important 'packing light'. 

When you travel regularly, packing becomes quite easy, but when you are starting out it can be very daunting - Especially if you are going away for a long time!

We find it most difficult to pack when you are travelling over two seasons or when you add a hiking holiday onto a destination wedding - true story.

We had to pack for hiking in Bulgaria and brother's wedding in Turkey!

Types Of Packers

There are three types of travelers in this world: Which one are you?

An over-packer? An under-packer? Or the traveler who gets things 'just right'!

The over-packer tends to pack for all circumstances - warm clothes, summer clothes, good clothes, old clothes and maybe even shoes for every occasion. Most people fall into this category! They can be hard to travel with if you are an under-packer or if they expect you to help carry their excess luggage.

The under packer has a 'she'll be right' attitude and tends to forget the more important things like a rain jacket or a sun hat! But they also know that they can probably pick up that forgotten item at their destination.

If you get it 'just right', you will have room for all your shopping and you wont have any problems pulling a heavy suitcase. We will help you overcome the difficulties of packing, just read our helpful advice below.

How To Pack Light

Packing light is very rewarding. It means less to carry, less to worry about, or in some cases less to loose!

You also wont be stuck paying excess baggage fess at the airport or posting souvenirs back home mid-trip.

It comes easy to some people, whilst others just need a point in the right direction. Or you just might want to read our travel packing tips to make more room for shopping! 

Packing A Suitcase

Travelling with a suitcase does not mean you can pack more stuff! Some peopl like to fold everything, some like to roll instead. A mixture of the two works best with a bit of stuffing.

Remember when packing a suitcase, you will still have to carry it! There is nothing worse that hauling a heavy suitcase up five flights of stairs while running late for your train! 

Packing A BackPack

Did you know that packing a backpack is harder than you think? You not only need to fit everything in, but need to be able to walk with it on your back when you get there.

How you pack your backpack can effect your comfort and often sometimes your sanity.

Don't suffer from back and neck pain, make sure you read our packing tips to pack properly! 

How To Fit A Backpack Correctly

Fitting your backpack is a skill that will keep you injury free as you backpack across Europe. You will need to adjust you pack as you buy souvenirs, chuck out old clothes, and change seasons. Fitting a backpack is easy once you know how. 

Air Travel Packing Tips

Now that all airlines have carry on baggage size restrictions, it is even more important to learn some great air travel packing tips so that you can take more with you. 

Want to find out if you can take your nail file or lighter with you? Need to know what essentials to pack in your cabin baggage?

We have all the packing tips for air travel you need and more! 

Cruise Packing Tips

Cruising equals relaxing! But first you need to get there with everything that you want to take. Our cruise packing tips will have you ready to jump aboard in no time. Make packing for a cruise easy with our travel packing tips. 

Worried About What To Pack

It doesn't matter how well you have packed that suitcase if when you get there you have forgotten to bring socks!

We discuss the travel essentials you will need no matter what adventure you have planned in our printable travel packing checklists

We also have write about our favorite travel accessories for backpacking, camping and ones you can't live without. 

But what good is learning to pack like a champion, getting a slap on your back for not forgetting a thing, if your property isn't safe when your back is turned. Read our tips and advice on the best security accessories when travelling overseas. 

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