Travel Money Belt

Don't leave home without your travel money belt. It is a simple but effective travel security product to keep your money safe from prying eyes. A travel money belt may also be used to conceal other important items such as your passport or credit cards.

There many different styles of money belts - some are more practical and more comfortable than others. When you are choosing a security money belt think about weather you will actually wear it. If it is uncomfortable - you won't use it!

Some common styles of travel money belts

Around the Waist

These tend to be suited to bigger people. The belt itself is quite large. They are designed to around your belly, under your shirt. Normally designed with two or three zip sections. The positive is that it fits lots of stuff.

Belt Style

These can be worn as a 'normal' belt. They are very subtle and designed with a small zip section that will hold cash only. You can buy a leather money belt or a plain material style.

Leather Money Belt

A leather money belt is normally bigger than most other money belts and generally more fashionable. They are made to look like a fashion accessory whilst keeping your valuables safe.

Over the Shoulder / Round Your Neck

This is also designed to be worn under your shirt. This is the money belt we choose to use, as it is a good size and it can be worn in multiple ways.

  1. Hang it around your neck, under your shirt
  2. Hang it over one shoulder, under your shirt
  3. Tighten the cord and wear it around your waist and tuck the pouch into the leg of your pants. We find that this is comfortable and keeps your valuables well out of site
  4. You can also use this style outside your clothes as a small bag. This is great at the airport

Advice for using your Travel Money Belt

Don't forget that most thieves know that you will be wearing a money belt somewhere. But it is a good idea to still have it. Why...
  • It takes away any quick opportunity for petty thieves, like pickpockets, as your valuables are not always obvious.
  • It takes away the need to carry all your valuables in a handbag.
  • It is handy to divide your money. E.g. if you have just been to the ATM, put some cash in your security money belt, some in your wallet and some in your pocket.
  • You can also use it to store a spare credit card or EFTPOS card in case you lose one.
  • It keeps your passport safe, dry and with you at all times.

  • Tip: Always use your money belt to store things you only occasionally need. You still carry some cash in your wallet. That way if you do get asked for your money or perhaps mugged, you can always offer the money in your wallet first before surrendering the cash in your money belt.

    We used our travel money belts whenever we head overseas. They are an essential travel security product. We hope that our trusty travel advice is helpful and keeps you and your valuables safe. You might also find helpful our advice on Passport Wallets, Mesh Security Products and Padlocks.

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