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Trusty Travel Tips is a high quality website, that has been produced to provide our readers with great travel tips and advice that will assist them on their travels. Thus, if we are going to link to your website, it should complement our content and assist our readers in some way.

The Trusty Travel Tips Team is very happy for a travel link exchange with relevant, content oriented travel websites. Trusty Travel Tips will not link to websites that are full of advertising, websites that are basically link farms, or websites that we do not believe is original material.

Why Exchange Links?

Exchanging links, if done in the right way, will benefit both parties with a better rating at the search engines and delivering high quality traffic. Also, it is FREE!

What To Expect From The Travel Link Exchange

After contacting the Trusty Travel Tips Team using the form below, we will:
  • Review your website for its relevance to Trusty Travel Tips
  • We will look at where a link will benefit both parties
  • Reply to your message as soon as possible

If we do not want to exchange links with you, please do not be offended. It is not a personal criticism, but as stated above, we want to provide relevant, content oriented travel information for our readers.

What Type Of Travel Link Exchange?

The Trusty Travel Tips Team believe placing each others links in an already over crowded "links" page will not benefit either party. It may actually harm each others reputations at the search engines.

Trusty Travel Tips will try to provide a link to your webpage with a "in text" or "3rd column" link on an appropriate and relevant page to your website.

What To Do

Copy one of the prepared simple html codes you like and paste it into your website or blog. We would like to believe your visitors will enjoy what they find and be grateful. So your site stays in their memory for a good recommendation. In future they return knowing you provide valuable information.

In advance thank you.

Text Link Codes to Share Trusty Travel Tips

Choose the link you would like to see on your page, highlight all text inside the box, then right click with your mouse. From the pop up menu choose "Select All" and then "Copy". Then "Paste" the code at the place you wish it to appear.

The code lets your visitors open the our website in a new window, therefore your site visitors can continue exploring your site without necessity to retrieve the page they came from.

Trusty Travel Tips
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