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A travel iron or travel steamer can be very useful! Read below to find out why.

Is A Travel Steam Iron Worth It?

Clothes in backpacks and suitcases tend to get wrinkly very quickly. While there are a lot of travelling clothes available that don't crease or need ironing, most day-to-day or formal clothes do not fare well in your luggage.

The advantage of taking an iron is that after a day out exploring, you can still look good going out in the evenings. It is worth the extra weight though? That depends on you.

Tip: Think about the places you'll be going to and the dress code before you think about taking an iron / steamer. Will you be visiting fancy wine bars or nice restaurants? While it is practical not to worry about your appearance too much, it is really nice to feel good about how you look!

"I was invited unexpectedly to a trendy bar in Istanbul for a party, and all I had were my creased backpacking clothes! I was so embarrassed!" - Gemma

Travel Irons

A travel iron is a small, compact iron that is easy to fit in your luggage and doesn't weigh too much. It is used just the same as a normal iron.

Tip: In some countries, if you are staying in hotels you may be able to get an iron from reception.

Cost: $25-60

Weight: Around 0.5-2kg

Travel Steamers

A travel steamer is an alternative to an iron. Unlike an iron, a steamer steams the garment while it is upright, not lying down eliminating the need for a ironing board. We have found that steamers are not quite as effective as irons, but weigh less and take up less space. They are slightly more expensive than irons, but the difference may be worth it for the weight.

Tip: There is a danger that if you are using tap water, the impurities in the water may come out onto your clothes. We advise always using purified water with a steamer.

Cost: $50-80

Weight: 0.25-1.5kgs

We hope that this advice helps you to choose whether you want take a travel steamer or iron on your trip. To create more space in your bags check out our packing checklists to help you decide what you really need to take!

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