The Best Travel Health Advice to Keep You Healthy Overseas

Your travel health is vital! After all, how can you have fun when you’re stuck back at your hotel feeling awful? 

Trusty Travel Tips has all the info to prepare you for healthy travelling. Find out how to stay healthy on the road, from putting together a great first aid kit to how to avoid jet lag. You’ll also find the best advice on food safety and whether or not it’s a good idea to get your drinking water bottled or from the tap. 

There are many things that affect your health while on the road, but with a little care, most can be avoided or prepared for. After all, the last thing you want is to get sick on your holiday!

Travel Vaccinations

While most first world countries are safe to travel in, for many of them you will need travel vaccinations in order to travel there. It’s very important to understand what vaccinations you need before you leave - some travel vaccinations can take weeks to get, so it pays to be well informed. Find out here which vaccinations you will need before you go! 

Stay Healthy When You Travel By Air

Want to enjoy your holiday as soon as you get off the plane? There are simple steps that you need to do to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVTs). We also have the best cures for jet-lag. 

Common Travel Illness

There are many illnesses and conditions that can afflict a traveler, however most people only need to watch out for the most common ones. Here are some common illnesses/conditions travelers need to be careful of: 

  • Dehydration - One of the most common things to watch out for. But there’s more to staying hydrated than just drinking water...
  • Diarrhea - We’ve all been there! Find out the best ways to avoid this inconvenient condition.
  • Sunburn - What happens when you forget to use sunblock! It can ruin your holiday very easily.

Food Safety

It is especially important to have good common sense when it comes to food safety, especially in the summer. It pays to know how to avoid food poisoning. 

Water Safety

The quality of water will vary between countries and also between regions. We will give you the tips for water safety to avoid a nasty stomach infection that can leave you feeling very unwell for days. 

Altitude Sickness

Only someone who has had altitude sickness can truly tell you how it feels. And then how good it feels once its gone. Learn some simple steps on how you can avoid altitude sickness and also recognize its signs and symptoms. This is one travel health concern that can really ruin your holiday.

The Dangers of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but they can drive you crazy. Your health is of high concern when travelling in tropical regions as mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, such as malaria. Read our advice to avoid nasty bites and travel in comfort. Also what is the best anti-malarial to take.

Whats In A Basic First Aid Kit

There isn't going to be a GP and or a pharmacy everywhere you go. A basic first aid kit is important on any holiday or vacation not just when you're going to a third world country. Make sure you follow our first aid kit checklist so that you do not leave anything at home.

Keeping healthy is important so that you can enjoy your holiday from start to finish. Now that you have taken your travel health seriously, you should also read our travel safety tips and advice. 

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