Travel For Single Women

Travel for single women is fun and rewarding. Solo women travellers should get out there and travel like any other person! 

The world is at your feet - so go for it girl! 

Seriously, cliches aside, single female travelers can go anywhere and do anything - it just takes a little more thought to keep safe and stay out of trouble. In fact most of these tips are useful to anyone travelling on their own. Travel for single women means that you have no back-up plan and no security net if things do go pear shaped. 

We have put together the top ten tips for solo women travelers. These are the things we use to have fun and stay safe when travelling solo around the world. 

Travel For Single Women Safety Tips

1. Know Where You Are Staying 
Always know where you are staying. Make sure you have the name, address and phone number. Most places will give you a business card if you ask at reception. 

2. Never Leave On Your Own 
Tell someone roughly where you are going and when you expect to be back. You could tell your hostel or even another traveller. You could even leave them your mobile phone number. 

3. Carry Your Passport 
Always carry your passport. But keep it separate to your cash. Your passport is your most important form of identification. To find out why it is a good idea to keep your money and your passport safe see our lists of travel scams. If there is a high risk that you may loose your passport, like if you are going to a festival, think about leaving it in a safe or locker at your hostel. 

4. Facebook 
Take advantage of social media. Let your friends and family know your plans and location with a quick update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. Remember to check in regularly. 

5. Meeting New People 
Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers. You might find you want to share your stories with a friend. It is even fun to travel with a new friend for a day or even a week if you meet someone great. Hostels are a great place to catch up on thing like washing too! 

6. Security Gear 
Take plenty of security accessories so you can protect your stuff from theft and enjoy your day. For some handy security products for solo women travelers visit our travel security products page. 

7. Travel Accessories 
Travelling solo often means staying in dorm rooms. Make sure you are comfortable with your own sleep sheet, pillowcase, ear plugs and head torch. For other great travel accessories click here

8. Party Safely! 
Drinking are partying could be a part of your plans after all we all like to let our hair down when we are on vacation. If you are on your own make sure you consider things like, will I be able to find my hostel if I’m too drunk? Do I know how much money a drink will cost? Does anyone know where I am? 

Thinking about these simple things will make sure you have a great night and will help to keep you safe. 

My own rule on this one; if I want to get drunk, I drink at the hostel bar. That way I can't get lost! Or if I'm going out at night in a new city, I don't drink too much and always make sure I have my hostels address and phone number, oh and money for a taxi! - Gemma 

9. Dress Appropriately 

As a single women traveler you may find that you are getting more attention than you would like. Think about the clothing you are wearing. Look around to see what the local women are wearing and copy their style. In many countries women cover their shoulders and knees for modesty. In other countries you may find that wearing a scarf over your hair will divert any unwanted attention. 

  • Make sure you are culturally sensitive. It may be acceptable to wear shorts and a singlet in your country, but in many other countries it is unacceptable and offensive. 

10. Safety Plans 
Make a plan in case something does go wrong. For example, if you get lost, who will you call? What will you do? If you are being followed, you could be prepared to walk closer to the road, move user bright lights or go into a near by shop. Where will you keep your passport and money? 

Travel for single women means thinking about what you could do or should do could avoid a bad situation. 

Finally, We would like to mention money. As a lone traveller make sure you have some different ways to access your money. There wile be no one next to you to loan you cash. Why different ways to access cash...because funny things happen when you travel! A shop might not accept your type of credit card, or maybe they don't have an EFTPOS machine at all, or maybe the ATM eats your card, or the bank at home cancels your credit get the idea! 

Go girls, have fun and be prepared! Travel for single women is great! 

We hope you have taken some helpful advice from our page on travel for single women. Read more travel safety advice for women here.

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