Travel Clothesline

What Is A Travel Clothesline?

A travel clothesline is a very useful travel accessory! You might also know it as a pegless clothes line.

It is essentially two pieces of strong elastic cords that have been twisted together. This allows you to hang your clothes without the need of pegs. The elastic will stretch between 2.5 and 3 meters.

It has hooks or suction caps on either end so you can hang it up wherever you are.

A travel clothes line is very light to carry and are very cheap to buy. Once you have one, you will wonder what you did without one!

How Do I Use A Travel Clothes Line?

They are very easy to use. Simply find two attachment points to connect your pegless clothesline to. Find two wall tiles if your using the suction caps or two attachment points, like a shower rail or bathroom rail, if you are using the hooks.

The suction caps are not very strong, so when you have a lot of clothes drying, they wont be able to hold onto the wall. If you use the hooks instead, and hook the clothesline to something at each end, it will be able to hold a lot more weight.

When the clothesline is hanging up you can thread your wet clothes through the twisted cord. This way you don't even need pegs! The clothesline must be tight otherwise the elastic wont be able to hold onto your clothes.

When Do I Use A Pegless Clothes Line?

This handy travel accessory is perfect for hanging out your smalls or even great for drying your swimmers on your next beach vacation. However, it is not designed for heavy items including jeans and jumpers.

We have used this handy travel product in hotels in Europe, hostels in South East Asia and camping on the Greek Islands.

Someone liked our pegless clothes line so much when we were camping on Santorini, that when we had returned from watching the sunset, they had hung their clothes up! - Alex

Where Can I Buy A Pegless Clothes Line?

You can buy a pegless clothesline from most outdoor shops or they can be often found in the travel section of large department stores.

Expect to pay between $5 and $10.

If you are backpacking or travelling for a long time, it will save you a lot of money avoiding laundries.

We hope you make the most of a travel clothes line. Other great travel products that you might find helpful are Travel Towels, Travel Pillows and Head Torches.
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