Is Spinner Luggage For You?

Spinner Luggage is a great new type of luggage that will make getting your suitcases from place to place much more easy! If you are unable to or find it a strain to pull a two-wheeled suitcase, then a spinner suitcase is for you!

A spinner suitcase is a type of luggage that rests on four rotating wheels. This makes it very easy to roll without a lot of effort. A spinner suitcase can be both pushed or pulled in any direction, making it very maneuverable. 

Types of Spinner Luggage

There are two main types of spinner suitcases; both are very durable and come in a variety of sizes.

  • Soft shell spinners are very popular and tend to be made from polyester or ballistic nylon. They are also available in leather but these can be significantly more expensive.
  • Hard shell spinners are also very popular and are available in a range of bright colors. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty on their luggage that they wont break. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spinners

If all you are doing is getting off the plane, pushing your luggage across the impeccably smooth airport floor, jumping into a taxi and then leaving you bag at the hotel - then spinner luggage is for you. However, if you actually need to walk on anything other than a smooth surface (e.g. pavement, grass, snow), then spinners are not for you. They are also a bit difficult being pulled up stairs, purely because of the position of the wheels.


  • The one big advantage of spinner suitcases is that they are very easy to handle. If you find it difficult to pull a standard wheeled suitcase, then spinner luggage is a great option. They are very popular in both the larger size and are also great for carry-on luggage.
  • They come in a wide range of colors and designs so that you can tell your bag apart from all those other black one on the luggage carousel.


  • If you're not careful, a spinner suitcase can roll away if you place it on a slope! Be sure to put your spinner on its side if you place it on a slope!
  • Spinner wheels are generally quite strong, but they do tend to break more easily than two wheeled luggage wheels. The wheels also tend to get 'clogged' after a while.
  • Spinners weigh more than other luggage because of the wheels.
  • Spinners tend to be more expensive than other luggage options.

Despite these disadvantages, spinner luggage is very popular. 

Tale Of A Spinner Luggage Holiday

It's 7am. We have just arrived in Heathrow airport after 30 hours of fun from Sydney. We're on the tube. We're falling asleep, but my sister's brand new spinner bag isn't. Its wheels are so good that the acceleration of the tube causes her bag to roll away from her, build up some speed and crash into a "very happy" commuter. 

We're in Amsterdam. They've added sand to the snow to make it less slippery. Its easy to walk on, but oh so difficult to push / pull / drag. I end up carrying the bag for my sister as she is so frustrated!

D'donk, d'donk, d'donk. Trying to take the spinner suitcase along cobbles streets in Rome was another difficulty. My sister eventually had to just pull her bag like a normal '2-wheeled' suitcase.

We're back at Heathrow, seeing my sister back on to her plane. She's had a trip of a lifetime and so has her spinner suitcase. It no longer glides effortlessly across the floor, but grinds to a halt the moment you stop pushing it. At least it wont run into anyone.

So after 8 weeks travelling through Europe. On and off a multitude of planes, trains and automobiles. Would my sister by it again? Of course she would, it is bright pink!

We hope that this advice helps you to find the perfect piece of luggage! 

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