A Sleep Sheet is so Handy!

What Is A Sleep Sheet or Sleep Bag Liner?

A sleep sheet, a sleeping bag liner or a sleep sack, is basically two single sheets or one double sheet sown together to form a sack. It is the perfect travel accessory for backpacking and camping.

Travel Sheet Designs

Travel sheets come in a few different shapes and sizes:

  1. Standard Design - Rectangle
  2. Standard Design with Pillow - Long enough to cover your pillow also
  3. Long Design - Long length for tall people
  4. Mummy Shape - Fits inside a mummy shaped sleeping bag. E.g. It gets narrow at the feet end, making a mummy shape.
  5. Double Size - For those who like to snuggle

Sleeping Bag Liner Fabrics

There are two main sleeping bag liner fabrics
  • Cotton
    - Cool and comfy
  • Silk
    - Lighter and smaller to carry than cotton
    - More expensive
    - Considered to keep you warmer in cold conditions

    Sleep Sack Uses

    We always take a travel sheet or sleeping bag liner when we backpack, camp or hike.
  • Sleeping bag liner - Place one inside your sleeping bag and it will help to keep your sleeping bag clean.
  • Travel Sheet - We always sleep inside a travel sheet whenever we stay in a hostel or dorm rooms. We have even used them staying at cheep hotels. They are also great to use as a sheet when camping in warm weather.

    Where Do I Get One?

    You will be able to buy a silk sleeping bag liner or cotton travel sheet at most camping and outdoors stores. You should expect to around $15-30 and it will come in a little travel bag. Learn how to make your own travel sheet here.

    What's Next...

    A travel sheet will help you sleep in any dorm room and keep your sleeping bag clean. Other handy travel accessories that will make your backpacking or camping experience easier are a travel towel, travel pillow, or travel clothesline.

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