A Security Cable Lock -
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A security cable lock is a useful thing to have while travelling, especially if you will need to leave your luggage unattended for any length of time.

A cable lock is a long cable that locks into itself to form a loop, similar to a bike chain. The lock can be either a keyed padlock or a combination lock, and the cable is often retractable to form a small, compact device.

Cable locks are really useful if you need to leave your luggage in hotel/hostel for a few days, or if you take any long train trips.

In some countries (especially India), it is very common for travellers to have their bags stolen while on the train while asleep. Having a security cable lock will prevent anyone from taking your bags, and give you the peace of mind to have a good sleep and arrive at your destination refreshed!

Tip: Always make sure you put your cable lock through the pack handle (the strong loop of material at the top of your pack) - backpack straps can be undone quite easily!

Tip: "I always use a retractable cable lock to connect all my bags together if I have to leave them at a hostel for a few days. That way it's much more difficult for anyone to walk out with one of my bags." - Alex

Where can I get one?

Most travel shops stock cable locks, or you can order them online. It is definitely a good idea to get a retractable cable lock - they are much more compact and easy to pack. Note that TSA compliant locks are a little more expensive.

Cost: $15-$25

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