Safety Padlocks

A safety padlocks is a cheap and easy way to keep your belongings safe. They are portable and should be used on all vacations especially whilst on transport.

The most common crime that affects travellers is theft. Investing in a simple padlock will save you money and give you the confidence to roam the globe.

A padlock which is opened with a key is very secure. It does not have anyway to be reset or a combination to be forgotten or picked. Therefore, it is a little harder to break into than a combination lock. However, it means that you have to make sure you do not lose the keys.

TIP: Buy a set of 'keyed alike padlocks'. You can buy a set of 4 padlocks that are all keyed alike from most hardware or outdoor shops.

TIP: Always keep a spare set of keys. Padlocks generally come with two or three sets. Make sure your spare keys are not locked in the bag you are trying to get into!

Padlock Features

When choosing a padlock, make sure you buy one that will suit your purposes, otherwise it may just end up being a hassle!


If your padlock is too heavy it will add extra weight to your luggage. However, if it is too light it may be very easy to break.


Padlocks come in all different shapes and sizes. Make sure that it fits all the zippers on the piece of luggage that you are trying to lock together.

Also consider that a bigger padlock is more obvious than smaller options. It is a good idea to take a few different sizes so that you have a padlock that can be used on any locker door.


Padlocks come in bright colours so that you can easily see them and identify your luggage. An easily spotted padlock can act as a deterrent but can also indicate that you are carrying something valuable.

Padlock Cost

Make sure you don't pay too much for your padlock, but buy one that can't be easily broken. A cheap padlock is better than no padlock, but some cheap padlocks can be opened with a screwdriver.

Padlocks with keys should be cheaper than combination locks and TSA locks.

Safety Padlock Uses

Padlocks are a great security accessory for keeping your luggage and belongings safe from prying eyes. Other great situations to use you padlock include:
  • Lockers in hostels.
  • Locking two or three bags together in a cloak room to make them hard to pick up.
  • Think about putting a lock on your camera bag or laptop bag.
  • Especially use them whilst on transit or on any type of transport transport, such as plane, train or bus.

A safety padlock will give you piece of mind that your belongings are protected. Other great security accessories are combination locks, TSA locks and retractable cable locks.

A smart traveller will have their belongings protected with security accessories. A smarter traveller will have all their belongings protected with the right international travel health insurance also!

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