How To Avoid A Pickpocket

A pickpocket can be at best a nuisance, or at worst, can spoil your holiday! You can guarantee that anywhere there are groups of tourists, there will be thieves lurking, waiting to take advantage of an unsuspecting traveler.

"While guiding a tour in Tunisia, a number of my passengers caught a tram to the local museum. As one of them was getting on, a local brushed past him, looked around the tram, and then got off again. It was until the tram had left the station that he realized his wallet had been stolen with over $300 in it." 


Watch for Pickpockets in Crowded Places

pickpockets: Crowded Places


One of the best ways to prevent being the victim of any crime while travelling is to be aware of your surroundings. Occasionally glance around yourself to see who is in your environment. If you notice someone is following you, step into a nearby business (such as a shop or cafe) until your follower has gone. It is very important to always listen to your instincts, or gut feeling when you're traveling. If you get the feeling someone is acting strangely around you, then make sure you get to a safe place where others will notice if something happens to you.


One of the best ways of preventing pickpocketing is to carry your cash, passport and other valuables in a travel money belt or a travel security wallet. These two great travel security products keep your valuables hidden under you clothing and make pickpocketing virtually impossible.  

If you don't like the hassle of a money belt and really want to keep using your wallet in the normal way, always make sure you put your wallet in the front pocket! A traveler with a bulging back pocket is a magnet for thieves. Checkout our suggestions for a thin, front-pocket style travel wallet here. If you do feel someone reaching into your pocket, we do advise that you turn around and confront them as fast as possible. Thieves almost always operate in crowded areas, and it is extremely unlikely that a pickpocket will turn violent in a crowded environment. The sooner you react, the more likely you are to scare them off before they achieve their goal of stealing your wallet! We hope these tips will make your travels safer - it is much better to deter thieves than to get back something that has been stolen.

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