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Without a passport it is nearly impossible to travel internationally. These little books are internationally standardised identity documents that are needed to enter and exit countries legally.

Applying can be a time consuming process, filled with complicated paperwork and government jargon. Here you can find the best advice for simplifying the process to save you time and stress when applying.

If you're travelling with children you will need to get travel documents for them too! Read here the easiest way to apply for your children.

Let's Fly Away!: A Typical Airport

Passports: Plane


Need your travel documents in hurry? Most governments offer an express or expedited service. Find out how to apply for one and how to ensure you get your documents in time for travel.


Sometimes things don't go according to plan, and you need to travel urgently. Find out how you can get special travel documents issued to you in the case of an emergency.

Fees and Costs

The costs of travel documents vary from country to country and depend on what type you are applying for. Find out the fees and costs of getting ordinary, children's, expedited and emergency travel documents here.

Ready to go!

Passport: luggage


It is very important to make sure your photo is taken to the strict regulations of your government. Here is a list of the exact requirements that need to be adhered to when having your photo taken.

Lost or Stolen

One of the worst things that can happen on a trip is loosing or having your travel documents stolen. We have a simple step by step process of exactly what to do if you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation.


Time for a new one? Can I renew it, or do I need to apply for a new one? Our team will advise you on the best ways to renew, both at home and abroad.

You might need your passport for international train travel too!

Passport: Train

Extra Pages

Not everyone has to replace their travel documents when the pages are full. Some nationalities can add extra pages to their current passport. Find out if your country can do this for you, and how you can apply.

Passport Card

Citizens of some countries have an alternative to using standard travel documents. Find out where you can go with this useful travel document and how you can apply for a travel card.


Just what does biometric mean? Find out if this new international standard is available in your country and how you can apply for one.

Make sure you find out the best ways to save time, money and avoid stress - after all, the FUN doesn’t start until you get there!

Once you have your passport, many countries will require you to get a visa before arriving. The cost will vary depending on your countries reciprocal agreement with the country you want to enter.

When you have all you paperwork organised, why not get your packing organised with our travel packing checklists!

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