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Is your passport getting close to the expiry date? It may be time to get a passport renewal. Be careful - for many countries, you need to enter the country or apply for a visa at least six months before your passport expires.

That said, renewing your passport is much easier than applying for a new one! Renewing your passport can usually be done in person or by mail - they are rarely done online.

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If you are in your home country and about to travel, here are links to where you can download the appropriate form to renew your passport.

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

If you are away from your home country however, you have two options.

In most countries, the best thing to do is to contact your nearest embassy or consulate, either by phone or email. Remember not just to show up in person however, because most embassies and consulates require that you make an appointment before you arrive!

In some countries (usually where a country has a lot of expatriate citizens), the government has a passport renewal service for it’s citizens living in that country. For example, for Canadians living in the USA, the Canadian government has a postal service for these expatriate Canadians to renew their passports.

Here is a list of countries which have direct visa renewal services for their citizens living in other countries.

Country of Citizen Countries where passport renewal services are available
Australia United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh), United States of America (Washington)
Canada United Stated of America
New Zealand Australia, United Kingdom
United Kingdom Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United States of America
United States of America Canada

Of course, if you have any questions, the best thing to do is to ask. For easy reference, we’ve collected the relevant numbers for passport authorities in various countries (including their overseas extension).

Country Phone Number
Australia Within Australia: 131 232
Outside Australia: (0061) 131 232
Canada Within Canada: 1-800-567-6868
Outside Canada: 819-997-8338
New Zealand Within New Zealand: 0800 22 50 50
Outside New Zealand: 0064 (4) 474 8100
United Kingdom Within the UK: 0300 222 0000
Outside the UK: 0044 0300 222 0000
United States of America Within USA: 1-888-874-7793
Outside USA: Contact your nearest embassy or consulate

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