Choosing the right
Neck Support Pillow

A good neck support pillow is a handy thing to have. It can mean the difference between arriving off your flight/night bus and crashing straight into bed from exhaustion, or arriving at your destination fully refreshed.

There are several different types of neck pillow, ranging from the humble but handy inflatable pillow to the 5-star fully latex neck support pillow. Which one is right for you depends on the amount of space you have available, and how much staying comfortable is important to you.

Although some backpackers think the neck pillow is more of a flashpacker accessory, we believe that a neck pillow can be useful (and practical) for all types of travellers from campers to families. If you are looking for a travel pillow to sleep on, try our travel pillow page.

The Inflatable Pillow
While this is not the most comfortable type of neck support pillow, these extremely handy inflatables still make a huge difference on a long flight or night bus, and can fold away to almost nothing. We recommend this type of pillow to anyone who doesn't have a lot of space - believe us, when you're not using it, you won't even know it's there!

Cost: $5-$30

The Memory Foam Pillow
If you're looking for something offering a bit more comfort but still doesn't take up too much space, the memory foam pillow is a great choice. These pillows will keep you very comfortable. The best thing is is that you can squash this pillow into your luggage and it won't break or be damaged! It does take up a lot more room than the inflatable pillow but this still works very well for those with limited space.

Cost: $20-$50

The Styrofoam Pillow
This neck support pillow type is very popular - my Mum even has one (and calls it Squdigy!) These pillows are stuffed with tiny styrofoam balls. The disadvantage with this type of pillow is that not only do they take up a lot of space, if you give them a really rough treatment they can burst. The biggest advantages are they are very light, and seem to have the greatest amount of colours and styles. If you have the space and want to look good, this is the pillow to get!

Cost: $20-$30

The Buckwheat Pillow
Unless you are going on a very short trip, we do not recommend these! Although great at home (designed to be heated in the microwave), these are quite heavy, and as soon as it gets damp, will turn into a living bacteria spore colony. So unless you want to start a yoghurt factory on your trip, avoid these!

Cost: $20-$30

The Therapeutic Pillow
Perfect for those who experience neck/back pain on long trips, this pillow is designed to support your neck. Although it does take up a lot of space, this type of pillow is a real blessing for those wishing to travel pain free. It is not a good idea to squash this type of pillow into a small space! Very comfortable, this comes highly recommended.

Cost: $25-$100

The Latex Pillow
The ultimate in comfort, the latex pillow is for those who truly want to turn each flight/bus/train ride into a glorious nights sleep. These pillows are very comfortable, but take up a lot of space and can't really be squashed without damaging them. If you're a person who really loves a good nights sleep - wherever you are - then a latex neck pillow is for you.

Cost: $30-$120

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