A International Power Adapter For All Destinations

Make sure you have the right international power adapter for your destination. A camera with a flat battery is no use to anybody. This is an essential travel accessory for any traveller with electronics.

If you don't have an universal travel adapter, read below to make sure you have the right travel plug for your next vacation.


If you're going to be travelling through Europe, one of these international travel adapters is essential. This type of travel adapter fits a Type C, E and F wall outlets. It does not work in the UK.

You can use this type of adapter in a huge amount of countries. Click here to read the full list of countries for this travel plug adapter.

North America and China

If you're off to America, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean you'll need a plug designed to fit a Type A and Type B electrical outlet (shown in the picture).

China also uses this type of wall outlet as well as the Type I (see Australia/New Zealand below). Click here to read where to use this international adapter.


While the Japanese plug is also a Type A and is very similar to the American. It is slightly different, and you wont be charging anything without a different travel plug adapter is needed. Be sure to specify that you're going to Japan when buying this adapter!

United Kingdom

To plug in in the United Kingdom you'll need one of these international travel adapters, designed to fit a Type G (British Standard) wall outlet.

These types of outlets are also common in some African countries, some Asian counties and also on the sub-continent. Here is a list of countries you will need this travel adapter for.


Israel uses a wall socket standard that is incompatible with any other. So if you're going there, you will definitely need one of these - an international power adapter for a Type H plug.

Australia and New Zealand

They also use a unique type of wall socket down under, known as the Type I. You'll need this type of international power adapter if you want to plug in and charge your electronics.

This plug is also used in some Pacific island countries, as well as in Central America. It is also common to find in China along with the Type A plug (see above). Read here for a complete list of countries for this international adapter.

South Africa

To charge your phone in South Africa, you will need an international power adapter to fit a Type M wall outlet. This is what it looks like.

Read here for a complete list of countries for this travel plug adapter.

Universal Travel Adapter

Of course, if you are travelling to many different countries with different power plugs, you don't want to have to carry around four or five separate adapters. These may be bulky compared with a single country adapter, but if you're travelling to countries that have different wall outlets then this is the way to go. It will save you heaps of space, and you'll never be without electricity!

Of course, there are other types of wall outlets out there in the world, but we guarantee that the international power adapters listed above with work with 99% of them! So make sure you don't power down while travelling - get the right adapter for your destination!

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