How To Travel? Find Out What Travel Style Suits You Best!

What is travel style? Simply put, travel style the way you like (or choose) to travel! 

We believe it is important for you to put some thought into how to travel the world. The great thing about your travel style is that it may change and evolve as you get to better understand yourself. Your travel style may also change depending on your destination. In fact, it is reliant on any number of factors from age, budget, time to physical ability.

The decision to go on a tour or to travel independently can really change the experience you have on your holiday. Large group tours may be great fun, but also can be very impersonal, while small group tours may offer a more authentic experience. One thing is for sure - booking a tour or packaged holiday will save you time, but not always money. 

To help you think about what travel style suits you best, read the following fun definitions and click on the links to find out more.

The Backpacker

The Backpacker carries a backpack, on a budget, and stays in hostels. They are able to find cheap food anywhere! Can be found on their own, or in groups. From how to backpack to backpacking for beginners, find out all our backpacking tips

Read about how to choose the best backpack for you.

The Flashpacker

The Flashpacker has turned backpacking into an art. They may carry a backpack, but most likely wheeled luggage. Their budget is more focused on going out, eating well and shopping. They are rarely seen on their own.

Flashpacking girls are likely to be carrying a hair dryer and for those flashpacking guys, a collared shirt. Often stays in guesthouses, bed and breakfasts or hotels.

Every flashpacker needs their own designer set of spinner luggage and carry-on luggage.

The Groupie

A group traveler loves to travel with friends and making new ones. They enjoy getting to know their group intimately as they share often more than a room. They care more about the next night out, rather than their next destination.

Their time is limited to plan and organize. and like all the hard work taken out of their holiday. Want to find out about travel tours? Need some group travel ideas?

The Camper

The Camper loves the outdoors, doesn't mind skipping a shower or using an outdoor toilet. They are budget conscious whilst still trying to see everything. Read our camping tips, for some great camping ideas or just learn how to camp! 

Travelling With The Family

Travelling with kids can be difficult at any age! Well, we reckon travelling with our parents is harder!! What are your family travel plans? Do you need family travel ideas? Get the most from you family oriented travel.

Female Travelers

Travel for single women can be very rewarding but also very challenging. Women travelling alone can be susceptible to many hidden dangers. Reduce your risks by reading our travel safety tips for women.

Travel for Seniors

Who says your too old to travel! Senior travel can be as exciting and interesting as any other travel style. They are many tour companies who will take the hassle out of travel for you.

Cycle Touring

Lots of time, but on a budget? Cycle touring with bike transport is a fantastic way to see the countryside, and combined with camping can cost almost nothing. It can be hard work, but it is well worth the effort. A little training before you go also helps.

The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker is interested in meeting locals while getting around, and on a super tight budget. Find out the pros and cons of hitchhiking. Be aware of the pitfalls and be prepared to hitchhike safely. 

Now that you know how to travel and which travel style is for you, take a look at our travel packing checklists or our travel accessories to get some great ideas.

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