Finding The Best Hotel

Staying in hotels can be great! 

They may be more expensive than most other accommodation options but can provide fantastic value if you are looking for something a bit more luxurious. Generally the more you pay, the more facilities you will receive. 

Whats A Hotel All About?

There are many different types, from simple one star rooms to luxurious five star suites. 

However some things are common to nearly all them: 

  • Room Service - Someone will clean your room, make your bed and replace your towels daily.
  • Breakfast is available but not necessarily included in your room price.
  • A mini bar - you will probably find a fridge of drinks in your hotel room. These are not complimentary. Your credit card will be charged a lot of money if you choose to drink them.
  • Private bathroom.
  • You will need to provide a credit card when you check in. This will be charges with any damage to the room or any extra services ordered.
  • Rooms may have any combination of beds and bed sizes. From a fold out single bed to that bigger than King size bed that you can't even lie across.

While it may appear to have lots of services, they may not be included in the price you pay. We are always surprised that some will still charge you more money for internet access. 

Choosing Your Accommodation

When choosing your accommodation be sure to check out the location. Make sure you can easily access all the tourist attractions you have come to see or make sure it is close to that beach so you can relax! 

When staying out of the city centre make sure you find out the costs of taxis or public transport. Accommodation located on a metro line is mostly cheap and easy to use. 

If budget is not a concern then there are any number of luxury options. You can find on site day spas and beauty services, multiple restaurants, glorious pool, concierge services and much much more! If this sounds like you then you are only limited by your imagination and your credit card! 


Make sure you check the items charged to your credit card and check that it is all correct before you pay. 

You can find many great deals on websites such as Wotif, Venere, and Last Minute. These sites often have last minute deals as well as great discounts all year round that offer cheap rates! 

We hope that our advice has given you some great ideas for your holiday. Make sure you get to the door of your hotel with our travel safety guide and read about the best travel accessories for you. 

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