Folding Cutlery

What is Folding Cutlery?

Folding cutlery is a great option if you are looking for something compact but not too worried about overall weight.

Having your own set of travel cutlery is a good idea when you are travelling, especially if you are backpacking or camping. They will protect you from any gastric illnesses at hostels from any dirty utensils.

What Should I Expect?

A set of cutlery that folds will normally contain a spoon, fork and knife. The better ones will be made completely from stainless steel, while cheaper ones will have a plastic handle. All should come with a protective, carry case. Some sets will also some with a foldable bottle opener and foldable can opener.

It is best to compare cutlery sets, so you choose the right cutlery for your needs.

How Big Are They?

The folding design means it will save space whilst providing you with normal length cutlery, so you can enjoy every meal.

Generally when each piece of cutlery is opened fully it should be between 15 and 20cm long. Together a set of cutlery that folds will weigh about 150-200g, depending on the brand and the amount plastic.

Where Can I Buy A Set?

Most camping, adventure or outdoor shops should stock this great travel accessory. Depending on the brand of cutlery you are buying, expect to pay between $10-20 for a three piece cutlery set. The lighter the set, the more you should expect to pay.

Tip: If you are buying cutlery with plastic handles, buy different colours for each member of the family. Or tie a ribbon around the carry case to help separate each others.

Other Options

If you are hiking or just looking for something more light weight, read about titanium cutlery and other light options on our best travel cutlery page.

Cutlery that folds is a great compact option if your hiking or camping. Another good helpful travel product to be self sufficient are Collapsible Bowls.

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