Get Your Passport Faster With An Expedited Passport / Express Passport!

An expedited passport is the answer when you have left it too late to apply for your passport. But don’t worry - all is not lost! We have all the information you need so that you can still apply for an express passport and get there on time!

Most governments offer an expedited or express passport service. This will usually involve paying a higher fee for your passport application and receiving your passport sooner than a normal passport.

This table gives the current costs and processing times for express passports.

Country Fee Processing Time
Australia A$100 + cost of passport 2 working days
Canada C$70 + cost of passport 2-9 working days
New Zealand NZ$306.60 3 working days
United Kingdom £112.50 3 working days
United States of America* 60.00 + cost of passport 2-3 weeks

*US citizens can also see this link for more information about how to get your passport processed faster.

Important: These processing times do not include postage - if you need your passport as soon as possible, be sure that it is sent and returned by express post.

Most express passport services should be faster than a camel! 

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