Tips On How To Get An Emergency Passport - Fast

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. That's what an emergency passport is there for. If you need to leave your country urgently for medical or family reasons but you don’t have a valid passport, what can you do? For such situations, governments can issue emergency travel documents. You can also be valid for this if your passport has been lost or stolen and you need to travel before a normal or expedited passport can be issued.

An emergency request for a passport can take between 24 hours (Canada) to 5 days to be processed (depending on your government's service) and usually cost the same amount as a normal passport. They also have a limited validity (usually three months) and often cost the same amount as a normal passport but sometimes with an additional processing fee.

So just what constitutes an ‘emergency’? These types of passports are usually issued to people who need to travel for family or health reasons and cannot wait the time for a normal or expedited passport to be issued. They are also issued to people who have had their passport lost or stolen and need to travel before a normal or expedited passport can be issued. In the end however, every government has different rules about when these documents can be issued.

If you are abroad and in need of emergency travel documents, you should contact your nearest consulate or embassy as soon as possible.

If you have an emergency on a camel safari, you better hope they know their way home!

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