Great Camping Ideas For All Travelers

You are in the right place for trusty camping ideas and advice. We have camped in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. We even camped on our honeymoon!

I love to camp! I love everything about camping - getting close to nature, cooking on a camp stove, waking with the sun. My own little house under the stars! - Gemma 

Camping is a great way to travel and for you budget focused travelers, a cheap way to travel! 

Camping will save you loads of money and is heaps of fun! But be prepared for some hard work too! It can be quite a challenge to 'pack-up' and 'set-up' each time you move and the weather may not always be perfect either. We have put together some of the tips and tricks to help you love your camping holiday as much as we love ours.

Why Choose Camping?

The number one reason we choose to camp is because we love it and because you can stay in some remote places that's not possible without a tent.

And wouldn't you like to wake up here!

Left: Camping in the Alps while following the Tour de France!

When deciding whether to camp ask yourself why you are choosing to camp? 

  • Many people on a tight budget want to camp to save money. Just remember that the most expensive part of camping is setting yourself up with all the right gear from the start.
  • If you are camping to save money make sure you do your maths and factor in the cost of public transport to and from the campsite.
  • Is it to experience the wilderness at your door? If this is the case you may want to avoid camping in the crowded city sites. 
  • Camping is not for everyone, but if you use some of our camping ideas, you will make your holiday enjoyable! And definitely check out our camping packing checklist.

Know Your Camping Equipment

Camping in comfort requires having the right gear for your destination, the season and knowing how to use it. I mean the right tent, stove, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, head torch etc. Having the right gear will make a huge difference to your vacation. It could be the difference between a leaking tent, a cold night spent shivering or a cozy night under the stars! 

It is also very important that the weight and size of your camping gear is right for you. Will you have a car or do you have to carry it all in your backpack? 

If you are camping out of a backpack, you should really think about lightweight options. There are many lightweight options available for all camping accessories from tents and stoves to your sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

But just because you have a car with you, it doesn't mean you need to bring all the niceties from home.

Location, Location

Camping on the Greek Islands - Beautiful!
Camping in the center of Paris - Awesome!
Camping 20kms from the city - Inconvenient! 

Location is so important when you are camping. Make sure you do your research! Obviously if you are camping with a car the location is not as important. But when you are camping out of your backpack location is everything! 

The other big issue when choosing location is the weather. Camping on Santorini is a slice of heaven with the sun and beaches. However, camping in below zero temperatures and pouring rain is not quite so fun! Think about the weather at your chosen location and find out if camping is suitable. Make sure you have the right camping equipment to stay warm, dry and have more fun! 

How To Free Camp

If your budget is really tight, you might even think of free camping. Free camping is acceptable in some countries and even encouraged, but others it is illegal.

Free camping in a tent is a lot different than sleeping in your motorhome or campervan for free. It requires a bit more planning and lateral thinking on your behalf. Here are some of our free camping ideas:

  • Try to put your tent up as late as possible, and pack up early in the morning. You will attract less attention, and less likely to be asked to move on.
  • Think about where your will have your next shower. This is a lot easier in the warmer months, as you can swim at the beach or in a creek / river. But in winter, there wont be too many people offering free hot sowers!
  • Talk to people on the road or free camping close by. They will often be able to point you in the right direction for your next destination.

Be careful trying to free camp in actual paid campsites, by getting there late and leaving early. Most owners are quit savvy to that behavior and you might find yourself in spot of bother. 


Five things we never go camping without are some Swiss army pocket knife, a travel clothesline, a head torch, a first aid kit and a good book. Make sure you don't forget anything with our camping packing checklists.

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