The Best Ear Plugs for Travelling

Sleep is essential for a good travel experience, and the best ear plugs are sometimes needed for getting the sleep you need.

The streets in some countries are very noisy, and no matter where you stay the noise of people and traffic can reach your room. A pair of good ear plugs can really help cut the noise down and help you to get a good nights sleep.

There's also nothing worse than trying to get a good nights sleep when your fellow backpackers are chatting, listening to music or eating noisily. Make sure it won't affect you by getting a pair of ear plugs.

Did you know that you can also get earplugs for planes? These can reduce the effects of pressure felt by anyone that has blocked sinuses or that is sensitive to pressure. Click here to learn more about the best ear plugs to stop this problem.

Some types of ear plugs will also help if you have an ear infection by preventing water from entering the ear. Click here to learn more about the best ear plugs to stop this.

Noise Reduction Earplugs

Noise reduction earplugs are one of the most useful things you can take on a trip, especially if you're going to a noisy country or you'll be sleeping in dorm-rooms.

Basically there are three types of earplugs:

  1. Memory foam earplugs
  2. Silicone earplugs
  3. Flanged earplugs

Memory Foam Earplugs

    These earplugs are usually disposable, although re-usable versions are available. They work by squeezing the foam between your fingers, then inserting it into your ear. As the foam's shape returns, it blocks out sound. This is the best option if you are looking to get something cheap that you will use occasionally.

    Keep in mind that they can't be used for a long time though (for hygiene reasons) and their effectiveness can vary.

    Cost: Around $1 per pair

Silicone Earplugs

    Silicone earplugs vary greatly in purpose, from blocking out day to day sounds (traffic, people etc.) to blocking out only very loud sounds. The great advantage with these is they are the best ear plugs for cleaning (much easier than memory foam ear plugs) and can be reused.

    While a little more expensive than the memory foam version, with a few repeated uses and the added convenience of not having to buy/carry new sets of earplugs, this is the more economically and environmentally friendly option.

    Cost: $15-25 per pair

Flanged Earplugs

    While flanged earplugs are very useful people working in loud environments, they are not so effective for travellers. Designed to block out loud sounds while allowing softer sounds through, these earplugs will not block out speaking or the sound of traffic. They are able to be reused indefinitely.

    Get these if you want to protect your ears from loud noises, but not if you want a good sleep.

    Cost: $15-25 per pair

If you think you may be using your earplugs a lot, you may want to consider getting custom moulded earplugs. These can be made to your specifications to fit your ear exactly, and will give you many years of use. Starting around $60, these are the best earplugs for those who really care about their ears.

Plane Earplugs / Flying Earplugs

Are you are a person that suffers from pressure pains every time your plane takes of and lands? than a pair of flying, or plane earplugs is the solution.

These earplugs actually work to lessen the difference in pressure between the cabin and your ears, and so reduce or completely remove any discomfort. They are also great if you have to fly with a cold or blocked sinuses. These are the best ear plugs to have handy as they can save a lot of pain!

"I often have a blocked nose, and have been in terrible pain while taking off and landing. This type of earplugs completely prevents that, and now I always carry a pair when I'm flying" - Brad

Cost: Around $15 per pair

Swimming Earplugs

Are you someone that loves swimming but is susceptible to ear infections? Or have you had the bad luck to get an ear infection while on your summer holiday? Never mind - the best thing you can do is get a pair of swimming earplugs.

These are the best ear plugs to block water from entering your ear and prevent any bacteria getting inside. While most people don't need a pair of these, they can be really handy if you have the bad luck to get an ear infection when you're on holiday. Keep these in the back of your mind in case of an emergency!

Cost: $3-5 per pair

We hope that a you find the right pair of earplugs that will make your trip more restful and painless - don't forget to checkout our travel health section for more travel health and travel safety tips and advice.

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