Best Cutlery For Travelling

Trying to find the best cutlery for travelling or trying to decide whether to take it on your next adventure? Read on and find out about the best travel cutlery for all vacations.

Packing cutlery when you travel means that you can be more independent, self sufficient and save some cash.

Travel cutlery and collapsible bowls are a must when hiking, perfect for camping and will save you money when you are backpacking. They are great for having breakfast before a big day of sight seeing or having a snack on the road.

"The first overnight hike I went on with my family we took a full set of metal kitchen cutlery each! We had to carry it for 5 days. We sure learnt our lesson." Gemma

There are many different brands of travel cutlery on the market. Make sure it is light, strong and tough. You probably don't need to take a knife as you won't be cooking a steak. Think about taking a useful Swiss army pocket knife instead.

"When we hiked in Nepal, we packed both titanium and polycarbonate cutlery. They both performed really well, but I thought the best cutlery we packed was the titanium." Brad

Titanium Cutlery

Using titanium cutlery is the only answer for those who obsessed about lightweight packing. They are considerably lighter than other options without compromising strength. However, you will have to pay a bit for this titanium lightweight answer.

The benefits of titanium include that it is as strong as steel, it is light, strong, wear resistant, and corrosion-resistant including resistance to sea water.

Titanium cutlery will not heat up and burn your fingers if you are using them to cook with. They are difficult to bend, and will not break like plastic cutlery if they end up in the bottom of your pack.

Most hikers who are walking for a number of days should be using a titanium cutlery.

A titanium fork or spoon will weigh about 12-20g each. However, they will cost about $20 each.

Polycarbonate Cutlery

Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic that has a large variety of uses. Its main advantage over other types of plastic is it's light weight combined with it's strength. It is also very heat resistant.

Polycarbonate cutlery's main other benefit is that it is very cheap. Sea to Summit offer cutlery for $2 each for a spoon, fork, knife or spork.

Halulite Cutlery

Halulite is the next big thing to hit camping cook wear and lightweight hiking! Halulite is a proprietary alloy. It is just as light as titanium, but it is supposed to conduct heat better and more evenly.

Every piece of cutlery has a hard anodised surface, which means that is more scratch resistant.

You should expect to pay between $12 and $20 for a three piece cutlery set - spoon, fork, and knife.

We hope that our information on the best cutlery to take backpacking or camping will help you enjoy your next adventure. If you are after some light, tough and compact, you might find folding cutlery useful.

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