Enjoy Our Bed And Breakfast Recommendations

Our bed and breakfast recommendations will make your vacation one to remember. Whether you are getting too old for hostels or are just after a romantic getaway, bed and breakfasts are hard to go past.

Bed and breakfasts are a small, privately run establishment that offers a private bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. They usually do not offer other meals. However, we always found we got some great local knowledge on where we were staying.

They are designed mostly for short stays such as one night or a weekend. Generally, you will stay in private bedrooms with private bathrooms. You may have a shared bathroom at some bed and breakfasts. More than likely you will generally be served breakfast in the dining room or in the host's kitchen.

How To Find A BnB?

Visitor or tourist information will normally have up to date information about BnBs in your area. There are also online data bases that allow you to search and book accommodation. However, if you are driving, just stop at one along the road when you have had enough. 

The quality of bed and breakfasts may vary depending on where you are. In Australia, it is considered quite a luxury form of accommodation. Bed and breakfasts are most commonly found in rural locations and maybe considered as a city get away or country retreat. 


If you are on a budget, see if you can negotiate a cheaper price without breakfast. 

We hope you enjoy our trusty advice on bed and breakfasts. You might also find our information on cheap hostels and camping ideas handy. 

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