A Backpacking Checklist For All Destinations

Backpacking is so much fun! You can backpack all over the world safely with a backpacking checklist. It is a great way to meet people and you will fit right in at any hostel.

There are many ways to backpack. Flashpacking is a popular way to backpack, flashpackers typically prefer a bit more comfort and may have a bigger budget. Alternatively, many backpackers are on a tight budget and love to travel of the beaten track. Read our tips on backpacking for all destinations.

Backpacking Checklist Backpacking in India
Don’t forget that backpackers can camp too! You will find some useful tips below, but you should also check out our camping packing list .

The lists below provide a guide to the things you will need to take with you when backpacking. Be sure to pick and choose according to the weather, your budget and your adventure!

Backpacking Luggage

It is a common misconception that you need to be strong to use and wear backpack luggage. If your backpack fits properly, the weight will be carried evenly on your hips and not affect your shoulders or neck. There are many types and styles of backpacks to suit just about anyone. Find out if backpack luggage is the right travel baggage for you!

Backpacking Checklist - Travel Accessories

This backpacking list is essential for any backpacker whether you are camping, staying in hostel dorm rooms or couch surfing. Choosing the right equipment and gear off our backpacking checklist will make your packing easy. Try to buy lightweight equipment, as it will be easier to carry.

  • Backpack Cover - Will keep your backpack dry and protect your belongings.
  • Travel Clothesline - A pegless solution to dry your clothes.
  • Head Torch - Will light the way in any dorm room.
  • International Travel Adapter - Charge your camera batteries anywhere.
  • Sleep Sheet - When you want to sleep in your own sheets or the hostel makes you pay for linen.
  • Best Travel Pillow - When you want to sleep on your own pillow.
  • Travel Towel - When the hostel doesn't provide a towel and perfect for camping too.
    backpacking equipment list A backpacking equipment list can get out of hand!
  • Basic First Aid Kit - Will keep you healthy and ready to check out that next attraction.
  • Hand Sanitizer / Alcohol Gel - A must when hopping on and off public transport.

Backpacking List - Security Accessories

Having your luggage broken into, being pick-pocketed or being mugged for your camera has the potential to ruin your holiday. Protect yourself and your belongings anywhere.

  • Padlock / Combination Locks - To keep your rucksack locked or for that dorm room locker.
  • Security Cable Lock - To lock your backpacks together in a cloak room.
    backpacking packing list Backpacking security products are very useful!
  • Money Belt - Will stop you from being pick-pocketed.
  • Passport Wallet - Keeps your passport safe anywhere.

Backpacking Equipment List - Cooking

Self-catering is one of the easiest ways to save money when you are backpacking. Below is a list of equipment you will need to cook for yourself.

  • Lightweight Cooking Stove - Your stove will come with a burner, saucepans, frypan and a handle.
  • Fuel For Your Stove - Either methylated spirits or compressed gas (do not try to take this on an airplane!)
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Collapsible Bowls - Act as a bowl, plate or cutting board.
  • Swiss Army Pocket Knife - Perfect for all cooking situations.
  • Travel Cutlery - You should carry a lightweight set of cutlery.

Backpacking Checklist - Travel Clothes

When you are backpacking it is important not to pack too many clothes, especially not too many shoes. Choose lightweight clothing options, like merino wool. They wont take up much space and they dry fast.

Backpacking List Backpacking Clothes
By the end of your adventure, you probably will be sick of the 5 shirts that you have. However, no one else can tell you are wearing the same clothes over and over, because you are always on the go and changing change cities so regularly.

Backpacking is so much fun when you are prepared. If you feel anything else should be on our backpacking checklist, let us know below.

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