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Backpack Luggage is a practical option for all travelers on all types of holidays. Read below the features and differences of travel backpacks.

When choosing a backpack you must think about where you are going and what you are doing. You must have a backpack to suit your travel style. Your backpack will be with you every step of the way. 

The best backpacks are durable, practical, comfortable and you have to love it! They also come with a backpack cover, detachable day bag, harness cover and adjustable straps. 

What To Look For In A Backpack?

When choosing a backpack, rucksack or day pack, do some research and make sure you look at: 

  • Construction
  • Fabrics
  • Fit
  • Harness

Comfort and quality are worth paying for in your backpack. 

You will love your backpacking experience if your backpack is the right fit for you. Did you know that all backpacks come in different sizes? That means, girls, you will need to by a smaller pack that fits the length of your spine. Imagine being uncomfortable all of the time – no way! 

Carrying your backpack can be and should be easy. Many good quality outdoor stores will fit your backpack for you before you purchase one. Make sure you put it on inside the shop with some weight inside it. 

A good quality backpack will be made from durable components which gives you piece of mind. You want it to last through anything your adventures may have planned for your backpack. Our backpacks have been strapped to cars, buses, tuk tuks, porters and even a donkey! 

There are many different types of harnesses and designs. Make sure you get a great quality harness. That means good high density foam for padding and preferably a high grade aluminium frame that won't bend, buckle or crack. 


The size of backpacks is generally described in litres. The more litres the bigger the bag. As a rough guide a 45 litre back is a small travel rucksack and an 80 litre pack is huge!!

Travel Backpacks

A travel backpack is characterized by a large compartment. They are designed to be opened while laid flat. You can easily find your things in a travel backpack. They are also fast and simple to pack. The single large compartment makes locking up your valuables a breeze. Check out the best travel padlock for you! 

Travel packs come with a removable day bag to give you flexibility while you travel. You may have your day bag connected or wear it separately. It is perfect for cabin luggage. 

A travel pack with a harness cover is a must to protect your rucksack from baggage handlers. It is essential to zip your harness cover up whilst in transit, otherwise it will get dirty quite quickly. 


You can zip or clip your day bag onto your large backpack for your return flight. That way it will only count as 1 piece of checked-in luggage! I will usually buy a bigger cabin bag for all of my shopping at this point! 

Wheeled Backpacks

Wheeled luggage can be carried with comfort or they can be heavy and unreliable. A wheeled backpack has the option of using a harness and wearing it on your back or wheeling it like a suitcase. 

The versatility is great, but they are quite a bit heavier than an ordinary backpack. Also, push down handle takes up room inside your pack, just like in a suitcase. Remember that anyone can carry a backpack if it is fitted properly

Trusty Travel Tips recommends the One Planet Wheeled backpack for durability, quality and weight. 

Hiking Backpacks

These packs are built to be strong, carried for long distances and durable to survive any adventure. They are made from lightweight materials, and have less features of hybrid backpacks. 

Characteristically, a hiking rucksack is packed from the top or is top-loading. Why? Well it can actually be easier to pack like this when you are out in the wilderness. After all you do not want to lay your pack down in the mud to open the zipper! Having a small opening also assists with water proofing. 

Many hiking packs also have a bottom section. This is perfect to put things you might need to keep separate, like you sleeping bag for easy access or your dirty boots. 

Water locked canvas backpacks are great for hiking and adventure travel as they are water proof! If not simply use a backpack cover

Hybrid Packs

Hybrid backpacks are fantastic! They are perfect if you are not quite sure what adventure is around the corner. Hybrid packs come in all shapes and sizes. Things to keep you eye open for include: 

  • Fabric – Is it strong enough to manage heavy loads?
  • Harness – Is it comfortable and durable for long distances?
  • Waterproof - Is it waterproof or do I need a backpack cover?

Hybrid packs should have the option of loading from the top like your traditional hiking pack or loading from a large zipped section, like a travel pack. 


Just remember that the more compartments, zips, clips etc the more locks you will need to secure your things. But also sometimes more gadgets means more fiddling and more things that can break! Choose quality when looking at hybrid packs.

We hope that you have a fantastic experience backpacking with the right backpack luggage. Make sure you learn how to fit your backpack, read our backpacking checklist and learn how to pack it correctly so that you can walk for days.

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