Protect your backpack with a Backpack Cover

What Is A Backpack Cover?

A backpack cover, or rucksack cover, is like a raincoat for your backpack. It is vital for hiking, camping and very handy for backpacking. It will keep all you gear dry wherever you are.

A backpack rain cover will just go over the top of your backpack. They are very light, normally made from nylon, and they usually stay on with elastic or a draw string.

Some backpacks come with their own cover, whilst other packs are already waterproof. You can buy a cover from most outdoor and camping stores.

What Size Rucksack Cover Will I Need?

Rucksack covers come in all different sizes. The sizes are based on litres, just like packs are. If you are not sure what size you will need to buy, take your backpack into an outdoor store and check it out.

If you plan to use the external straps and attachments of your backpack to strap your tent, sleeping mat or sleeping bag to the outside of your rucksack. You need to make sure your backpack rain cover will over your backpack and your equipment. Make sure you buy a rain cover that is one size to big.

What Size Rain Covers Are There?

These are the most common rucksack cover sizes:

  • XS - Fits 20-35 Litre Packs
  • S - Fits 35-60 Litre Packs
  • M - Fits 60-80 Litre Packs
  • L - Fits 80-100 Litre Packs
  • XL - Fits 100-120 Litre Packs

When To Use A Backpack Rain Cover

Generally you will only need to use your backpack rain cover in severe weather if you are backpacking. As you will always be near a hotel, train station or somewhere you can get out of the rain.

If you are hiking or camping, you most likely use your backpack rain cover more often. When we hiked in New Zealand, hiking the Milford Sound Track, we put our backpack covers on every morning before we left the hut. Brad

Tip: It is a good idea to pack your important items, such as your passport or electronics, inside a waterproof bag as well as using a backpack rain cover. This will ensure your valuables will stay dry.

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