Air Travel Tips - Take the Stress Out of Flying!


Flying can be a confusing and stressful part of your travel experience. These air travel tips will tell you all the advice we have learnt on our travels - everything we wished we knew on our first flight!

Every international airport is different, every airline has different regulations and airport security can be very daunting.

Being early and prepared are the two most important air travel tips. Make sure you leave lots of time to negotiate a busy airport. This is important to remain calm and stress free. Remember, after checking in, you must pass through airport security and often passport control which can be time consuming.

There are a lot of airport and airline regulations. Make sure you have checked your airline's baggage allowance, otherwise you may find yourself with a hefty fine. Budget airlines are particularly strict. Some airlines restrict the number of checked in bags whilst others are more focused on the weight and size of your luggage.

Don't think you can move your extra shopping into your carry on luggage either! Many airlines will weigh that too!

With the expanding world of the internet, a common question is "How do I find cheap air travel tickets or air travel deals?" It can certainly be difficult! These air travel tips will help you find the cheapest airline tickets. Comparing ticket prices can be easy with a comparison website. Click here to find out more.

So what about the flight itself? Flying can at times be an endurance activity. It is important to follow some basic guidelines to keep yourself healthy during your flight. Remaining hydrated is essential to feeling fresh.

Make sure you're not running to a final boarding call - be prepared!

All About Airports

International Airports

International airports can be a daunting place. They can be busy, crowded, confusing and big! Find out our tips to arrive on time and learn some basic rules for all airports. We will give you the advice to learn to love international air travel.

Airport Security

Don't be fooled, airport security can be stressful! If you have watched border patrol, you will know that these guys don't joke around. Make sure your ready for the airport scanners!

Carry on Luggage

Make sure your carry on baggage follows these simple rules for success.

  • The Best Carry On Luggage - What bag you should take.
  • Packing Carry on Luggage - How to fit the most in your bag.
  • Carry On Luggage Regulations - What you can take on board.
  • Carry On Luggage Limits - How heavy can your carry on luggage be.
  • Carry on Luggage Size - What size and dimensions can your carry on luggage be.

Checked in Baggage

Your baggage must be the correct weight and size to avoid a hefty fine!

  • Airline Luggage Restrictions - What can you check in?
  • Airline Luggage Size - How big can your luggage be?
  • Airline Luggage Weight Limit - How much is too much?

Airline Lost Luggage

Make sure you know what to do if your luggage becomes lost. Fortunately most airline lost luggage is located quickly, find out how...

Luggage Fees

You made need to pay a luggage fee if you intend to take excess baggage. We can give you some guidelines for what to expect and just how much you may have to pay!

Air Travel Tickets

Air Travel Tickets

Finding cheap air travel tickets is a difficult and sometimes risky business. Read our air travel tips to find out where to look for cheap airline tickets and how to avoid being caught out.

e ticket

Never heard of an e ticket? We can explain exactly what an e-ticket is and how you can use it!

Cheap Air Travel with Discount Airlines

cheap_air_travel_with discount_airlines
So you bought a cheap airline ticket with a discount may end up paying more. Make sure you check out their baggage fees, credit card charges and airport location.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Find out how to get the most from your frequent flyer miles and other loyalty programs.

Tips For The Flight

Flying With Kids

Flying with kids can be very rewarding but also a great challenge. Make sure you read our air travel tips on flying with kids to get the most out of your international air travel experience.

Sleeping on an Airplane

Finding a comfortable position to sleep on an airplane can be difficult. There is no leg room, you can't always put your seat back and everyone is too noisy! Find out ways to get a good nights sleep while 30000 feet up.

Airplane Food

Mmmmm...yummy! Honestly, airplane food can be a bit hit or miss. Did you know that most budget airlines charge money for their food and drink service while on other longer flights everything is included, even the cocktails!

Make sure you make the final boarding call! Get prepared and read all our tips for international air travel.

Now you have the flight sorted, find out which Travel Luggage will suit you.

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