Air Travel Packing Tips

Its easy to beat the airport security with our air travel packing tips. 

Did you know that some airlines have baggage size restriction? Want to find out if you can take your nail file or lighter with you? Need to know what essentials to pack in your cabin baggage? We have all the packing tips for air travel you need and more! 

Follow our top ten air travel packing tips to take the stress out of packing for your next flight. Remember that the Trusty Travel Tips team have years of experience and are all frequent flyers! 

Air Travel Packing Tips

1. Airlines Regulations 

Be familiar with you airlines regulations. Make sure you know: 

  • Your baggage weight and size restrictions
  • Any items which cannot be taken on board or packed in your check in luggage
  • Any restrictions

Liquids: Most airlines only allow liquids on board which are 100ml or less. All liquids must be placed in a clear plastic bag and taken out of your hand luggage for the security scanners. 

2. Pack Light

Do your research and don't over pack. Make sure you are familiar with the weather conditions and the culture of your destination. Don't forget in most places, you can buy most things!

3. Packing Essentials

When packing for air travel, pack a change of clothes, underwear and essential toiletries into your hand baggage - luggage can get lost in transit! Also pack appropriate clothing for your destination. If you are landing in cold weather, make sure you have the right jacket or you might find you get very cold while you are waiting for your luggage. 

TIP: I always take a jacket when I fly because the air conditioning can be freezing! 

4. Medications

Pack your medications into your hand baggage. I always make sure I have my asthma medication and antihistamines - there is nothing worse than sneezing for 10 hours.

5. Refreshments

Take a snack and a water bottle on board with you for international air travel. Most people find that plane food is not very filling, it can taste unpleasant or it may be expensive if it is not included in your ticket price. Also the air conditioning on the plane can dry you out. Keeping hydrated is very important to your health and keep you feeling refreshed. 

6. Luggage

Take the right type of luggage on your holiday that suits your type of travel. Do you need a backpack or is the trip more suited to wheeled luggage

7. Entertainment

Entertainment. Don't forget it! Whether it is a book, iPod, iPhone, i-whatever...good entertainment can distract you from a long and boring flight. Just remember to turn off all of your electronics on take off and landing. 

8. Packing More In

Fit more in your luggage by utilizing specialized packing accessories such as vacuum bags and packing cubes

9. Airport Security

Everyone needs to go through airport security at some time before their flight. I like to go through as soon as possible, find our gate, then relax. You don't wont to be "that" person who is holding the whole plane up. 

All metal items need to go through the scanner - belts, wallets, phones, shrapnel. We have even seen ladies with 'chunky' metal jewellery have to take it off and also people with prostheses need to put them through the xray machines. Luggage items that often need to be scanned separately, or removed while you go through the metal detectors:

  • Laptops, iPads, tablets etc.
  • Liquids and aerosol containers (deodorant, hair spray etc.)
  • Big jackets (men and women)
  • Boots - fashion or hiking boots
  • Big belt buckles 

Also in some countries, you might be subjected to a quick body search or 'tap down' by airport security. 

10. Other 'must haves'

Other items to consider packing on long flights: 

  • Flight socks to help prevent deep vein thrombosis
  • Ear plugs
  • Neck Support Pillows
  • Eye mask
  • Moisturiser

If this is your first time packing for a flight, make sure you read our packing checklists for every season and different travel styles. You will probably find our favourite travel accessories also pretty handy.

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