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Hiking in Bulgaria

We wanted to write a website so that we could share all the travel tips and advice that we have learnt along the way. 

We aim to provide travellers with travel advice that will make travel easier, safer and more affordable. We have learnt from our own mistakes so you don't have to! 

We have backpacked, flashpacked, hiked, camped, cruised, adventured and guided. We hope you love travel as much as we do! 


Ever since I can remember I have always loved to travel. I remember travelling as a young child with my family and being amazed at all the new sites, smells and of course the exciting new experiences! I went onto study for seven years at university - which meant for me eight long summer vacations and many more adventures. 

I love to backpack, camp, hike and of course love a little bit of luxury every now and then. I am most known by family and friends for my drive to climb to the top of mountains! To read more of my adventures and the lessons I have learnt along the way, make sure you read all our travel tips. 

One of my favourite memories is travelling with my brother, Brad on his guided tour through the middle east. What an amazing and stunning beautiful part of the world! 


My family has always loved to camp. Every summer we would set off on a new adventure along the beautiful coast of Australia. Now my wife, Gemma and I go camping together. We love camping so much that we camped for our honeymoon in Africa! In fact we have just finished a camping trip to Europe! 

I am best known by my friends and family for my talent at saving money so we can travel more often! I'm also known for 'disappearing' with my wife, to seek out distant adventures. 

I always laugh when I think of having a camel race with Brad in the Indian Desert! The team at Trusty Travel Tips has had many adventures together, including exploring Seda's home Istanbul, hiking in Bulgaria and road tripping the Australian coast. 

Gemma and I are currently planning our next adventure. We are heading off to South America to hike in Patagonia and visit the Amazon rain forest. 

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