Travel Tips You Need to Know
Before You Go!

Ask any traveller, after any holiday - There is always some travel advice they wish they knew to make their trip easier, safer and more fun! The team at Trusty Travel Tips loves travelling and we want to provide you with valuable travel advice for your next adventure.

Trusty Travel Tips will:

  • Save you time and money
  • Make your travel experience safe and easy
  • Make sure you have more fun!

There is a lot to think of when planning an adventure and there is nothing worse than finding out you forgot something important or just wishing you had more information.

This is why we have organised our information and advice for you into 3 helpful categories - Planning, Packing and Travelling


Preparing for your vacation can be difficult. There are so many things to think of! What is the best way to apply for a passport? Do I need a visa, and if so, what type?

We can help you find the travel insurance travel health insurance that suits you and help you decide on your travel style. Your travel style will determine most aspects of your holiday. Learn what type of traveller you are!

The team of experienced travellers will take the stress out of your holiday preparation and make sure you have a trip of a life time!


Once you have decided on your destination, the next hardest step is packing. We provide packing advice that will make your holiday plans easier, safer and more affordable.

We have the best packing tips for your luggage, and you won't forget a thing with our travel packing checklists. Read our advice on the best types of travel luggage for your vacation.

Don't forget that you will need to take some security accessories to keep everything safe and be sure read all our tips about the travel accessories that will make your trip easier.


Once you are travelling and on the road, we have the right information to take the hassle out of travel. We will help you to get the most from your accommodation and transport options. We can even help to make your air travel a more pleasant experience!

Getting to know and understand travel safety before you go on your next trip will give you confidence and peace of mind. Don't be sick on your holiday with our travel health advice.

The Trusty Travel Tips Team:

We have combined the knowledge of four dedicated and experienced travellers to create the Trusty Travel Tips Team. We will bring you the very best travel advice.

The Team
We have travelled in over 100 countries and on 4 continents. We have backpacked in Asia, been on safari in Africa, flashpacked in Europe, cruised the Arctic, hiked in Nepal and guided tours in the Middle-East. And of course, had many more adventures along the way!

So get ready to roam the globe as the team at Trusty Travel Tips gives you the very best travel advice you need to have more fun!

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